This is one of those artists that stops me in my tracks and I play over and over and over and over. If you want to hear someone that perfectly fits my Light and Sound description, Jamie N Commons is the guy. Funny, he bridges two favorite musical genres – Commons is a blues rock musician and he’s from England – soul-wiltingly perfect.

I hear this beautiful blend of Jamie himself, Paul Weller who still brings down the house, and of some of the most classic musicians long gone – Ray Charles in Rumble and Sway and Johnny Cash in The Preacher.

Jamie N Commons

Commons’s first EP was released in March and Conan already had him as the featured musical guest. Enjoy this. Download it and crank it at the pool this summer while you sip on your Mercury Bourbon, or as your rusty pickup, with the window down, careens a path through fireflies and desert.

Rumble and Sway