It is always, always exciting when doors open, windfalls occur, the ball starts rolling, “tribes” expand, connections are made and deliveries arrive at your door. It seems that the forces are working with me and are actually providing some level of validation. Last night, my new computer, this iMac I’m typing from now, arrived at the front door well after sunset – there was much squealing and happiness, sort of a Christmas in late April. You see, aside from my iPad purchased last Spring, this is the first computer I’ve owned myself. It isn’t borrowed from my husband and isn’t the one that’s my partner M-F, 9 to 5. We’re getting to know each other, this computer and I, and I hope it sees many miles of this journey I’ve finally chosen to take.

The validation hasn’t stopped there. The furniture delivery guy phoned this morning and said the new Heywood Wakefield pieces (desk/bookcase and bed frame) are officially en route from the Northeast and will make South Carolina landfall in about a week. Good news because when I hit the “send payment” button in PayPal for those eBay purchases, I was more than anxious that my aforementioned windfall was flying yet again into the wind – I still don’t want to count those chickens but I am feeling better about it. The furniture delivery is also perfect timing because a few other of the SixthSense studio pieces are scheduled for pick up at IKEA at the end of the next week when we head to Atlanta for a much anticipated Black Keys show. Theoretically, if I could get the current “office” emptied, I could have more of my new studio in place by this time next week. It’s not likely to happen that quick, but it sure is motivation to keep plugging along.

Despite said pieces falling into place, I don’t want to jump too far ahead. Patience is something I wrangle on a regular basis; thanks to having a few years under my belt, seeing a few hard-life knocks, and having learned, through yoga, to live in this very moment, I’m just enjoying the anticipation itself of what’s around the corner.

I briefly considered sharing a picture of the studio in its current state to include with this post. Lucky for you, I’m not quite ready to expose that much. However, when I get a little further, I promise to include a before and after so we can all applaud together.