Always Room for (Good) Food

I vowed I would keep my posts relatively lean when it comes to food editorial as a) there is plenty of that out there already and b) I want to really focus on other things.  However, sometimes the experience is so good that I feel compelled to share it and in this case, it actually stemmed from something lovely that caught my eye in Vogue.

As I’ve mentioned, I am and have been, a hard-core, devoted Vogue magazine reader since I was a young girl. In the weeks leading up to my most recent trip to NYC, I was thumbing through the February issue when this caught my eye.

Half of this stunning couple, Phil Winser, is half of a partnership in Fat Radish, a farm-to-table restaurant that New York Magazine cheekily refers to as a “hipstervore haunt”.  Upon further investigation, I learned that Winser and his business partner, Ben Towill are both British beauties who started their venture with Silkstone, a catering company, and then spun off with Fat Radish (a self-proclaimed “seasonal British” restaurant) in late 2010. Curiosity piqued, I immediately booked myself for Brits and Sunday Brunch.

The restaurant itself, a former sausage factory, is located on the Lower East Side right in the heart of Chinatown. It’s light and airy with white-washed brick walls and cool concrete countertops but also with a warm ambiance that comes from tea light candles, hushed wait staff, and polished happy people who are clearly comrades in both work and play. The food itself was as promised, with lots of comfy foods like biscuits, bacon, truffle fries and seasonal veggies, intriguingly prepared to please the palette – I thoroughly enjoyed each dish sampled. However, it was something else that was the shiny little gem of the moment – the very sensepiration for this post.  It was my cocktail. Of which I had two. Because it was something far greater than the sum of each of its proverbial, fabulous parts, that is, bourbon, Cointreau and fig preserves.

Herewith, I present you, the Whiskey Jam cocktail