What an amazing September it’s been! While I still owe you a post on the Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibit at the Met, I’m anxious to share a few photos and outtakes from Fashion Week both in NY and closer to home, in Charlotte.

I had an amazing moment at the very start of Fashion Week when I attended Harlem’s Fashion Row show at Jazz at Lincoln Center. As an admitted Bravo junkie, I was extra anxious to see two Project Runway designers in the mix of four designers that presented. Kahindo Mateene, of Modahnik and a contestant on the current season, had a remarkable collection echoing the sunny colors of the Namid desert landscape. But it was Andy Allo’s live, acoustic version of her hit, Yellow Gold, that truly set the mood. I became a fan of Andy’s after seeing her perform with Prince and it made me smile when she unexpectedly took a seat with her guitar as the show started. My other favorite was Kimberly Goldson who was a Season 9 Project Runway finalist. The bad-ass hair/hat/makeup combo reiterated the strength and sass of her collection.

Before I headed back South, I did my customary shopping, noshing, and window-gazing at Moschino, which for me rivals the Christmas windows of the Windy City’s Miracle Mile. Wouldn’t you agree?

Moschino Windows