The first weekend in June 2015 was the annual trek to one of my favorite cities in the world. This year I went with a very good friend of mine who actually was the first person I visited NYC with in late 1999. There is much to share about this adventure with nearly 18,000 concrete jungle steps, a [giant] hug from Jimmy Fallon after The Tonight Show taping Friday, fantastic food and wine, and a…ahem, “little” dance party at The Jane Saturday night.

All of the aforementioned glitter ball highlights though are just added texture for the real reason I was there, that is, to attend the annual Anna Wintour Costume Institute exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This year’s show was China: Through the Looking Glass. We were treated to more than 140 pieces of haute couture woven through the main Costume gallery and beyond into the Chinese Galleries, blending art and artifact to demonstrate the ever-present influence that Chinese fashion has on Western culture.