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This feels like the very vortex, the center of what I’m creating as a place for followers and clients to get to know me. I have a point of view and a strong sense about things. A sense I’ve learned to trust without question. This #Sense, coupled with my focused interests and life experiences, allows me to define and evolve my own personal style – from my home, to my wardrobe, and including all of the tools I use to manage my life. I branded my Sense as a creative outlet – to write about what inspires me and to guide others who engage me for my #Sense.

Who we are begins with roots. Like many other kids, I ran away from mine as early and as fast as I could. I didn’t want my roots to define me. I learned though that there really isn’t an escape from where you start. But what you can do is find the positive in how it defines you. I’m the first to admit that my childhood was limited by growing up in a closeted and small region of the U.S. Regardless, there were a couple of specific people who shaped my heart and bones, and for that I’m long indebted. One person, my best friends’ mother, taught me kindness, love, understanding and ethics. The other, my mother, handed me music, the library, books and fashion magazines. I was rarely censored and she (most of the time) gave me wings. Although where we were located limited my options, she usually told me I could be whatever I wanted to be. Such is the way with mothers. She sort of made me into a piece of cooled broken glass and my second mom smoothed the edges. That’s where my story begins and it will continue to unfold throughout these pages.

Whatever Sensepires you, enjoy the journey, define your own or share mine.

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